Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln (BBBSGLWL) has joined forces with Big Brothers Big Sisters of St. Catharines, Thorold & District (BBBSSTC) in a historic evolution for the agency. Becoming a part of BBBSSTC means that the agency will now help form a new entity, representing the largest Big Brothers Big Sisters service area in Niagara.

Board of Director Members from both agencies voted unanimously in agreement that by sharing collective resources, the children of BBBSGLWL and BBBSSTC will benefit greatly.

“This evolution of our agency represents over 2 years of careful examination of our service delivery models to achieve the most positive outcome possible.” said Justin Cruse, Board President of BBBSGLWL. “The needs of the children and youth we serve, and their families has always been the catalyst behind these discussions. We are confident that this will enable us the capacity to deliver quality service to more children and youth in Niagara, and expand our service delivery to more schools.” Continued Cruse

The BBBSSTC agency’s office will now operate as the Head Office for all operations, with the BBBSGLWL office remaining open and operational as a Satellite Office. In the interim, the two agencies will operate under their current names, with eventual plans to become a newly named organization that accurately reflects the new service area.

Through shared programming, fundraising, marketing and administration, BBBSGLWL and BBBSSTC will continue to effectively and efficiently recruit and retain mentors for children.

“We’re so excited about this opportunity.” said Michelle Miller, Board President of BBBSSTC. “Ultimately, the number one priority was how to serve more children and youth in Niagara. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln has incredible operation standards and service delivery. Now we can lend our agency’s staffing capacity to help grow those services to more families and schools, all while creating seamless borders for our volunteers. It’s a win-win.” Continued Miller.

It is anticipated that with its collective forces united, BBBSSTC and BBBSGLWL will mentor over 1,000 youth in the region by 2018’s year end.

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